Music at North

At North every child has the opportunity to learn a musical instrument free of charge during the school day. In the infants children learn rhythm and how to play in a group. In the juniors they have opportunities to learn at least 3 musical instruments. Children’s success is celebrated in a season of summer concerts. Two children who have made the most of these opportunities in Year 4 will be awarded music scholarships entitling them to free instrument hire and free 1-1 lessons throughout Year 5.

A word from Mr Bosch…

“At North Primary we understand that music has the ability to help us with our mathematics. We know music can show us how to concentrate on anything our mind so desires. We are also very aware of the fact that music is the great equalizer, bringing us together from all walks of life to partake on a level playing field. The idea that music can show us how we need to interact with the world in which we live, has not escaped our attention.

But these are not the reasons we create music at North; we create music because we love to play.

 For those of you who have listened to the children find their voices on violins, flutes, guitars, clarinets and saxophones, we are glad you could share our joy at creating the beginnings of a beautiful sound. Those of us have who have begun to grasp the meaning of the blues as explored through the Battle of the Bands we hope you too have understood the importance of music as it reflects our lives. While many of you stayed to sing, all of us at North have found our voice and sung with joy. For those of you who have heard the recorders groove with style, or experienced the year six Big Bands swing with sophistication we welcomed your participation in our creative joy. We are glad that you were able to walk with us on this small part of our journey in our desire to play.

The music we create does not belong to us, it belongs to all those who care to listen and for that we are most grateful.

It is with hope that we at North look forward to the future and the musical discoveries it may bring. While every year some of us choose an instrument for the first time, there is a always hope that many others will stay with their instruments long after they have left North to continue with that noble struggle to find an individual voice they know to be unique.

“Before we sang we spoke, before we danced we walked, before we wrote we told stories, before we told stories we lived. Those songs, dances, and writings allow us to speak to one another across generations, they gave us an understanding of our commonality long before that DNA told us we are all part one glorious procession.” Wynton Marsalis