The governors are responsible for ensuring the school is managed effectively and policies and practice comply with legislation. Duties include agreeing the budget, reviewing policies, monitoring standards, setting targets and appointing staff. The full body meets once a term, with detailed work done in committees which meet more frequently. The main committees are: Curriculum, Finance, Personnel and Premises. Full training is available to everyone who becomes a governor. The 2020 Governors annual report letter provides a short summary of the last school year produced by the governing body.
Our current governing body (terms of office are shown in brackets) are shown below. Click here to read about the governors who are on our governing body and for details including membership of committees and key responsibilities please see the Governing Body information 2020 – 2021.

Mr Alan Garnett 

Authority governor
Mrs Juliette Maxam (28.05.2023)
Vice Chair of governors, Chair of curriculum committee

Co-opted governors
Mrs Jan Blackwell (31.08.2022)
Chair of governors

Mr Steve Gook (31.08.2022)
Chair of premises committee

Mrs Adele Jennings (30.11.2022)
Chair of finance committee

Miss Karen Jacobs (31.10.2022)
Mrs Elspeth Skinner (31.10.2022)
Mr Ben Addley (05.10.2021)
Chair of personnel committee

Parent governors

Mr Ben Howard (28.01.2022)
Vice chair of finance committee

Mrs Beth Dagge (28.01.2022)

Mrs Claire Mold (30.11.2022)
Mrs Mubeena Siddiqi (30.11.2022)
Mr Duncan Stewart (30.11.2022)

Staff governor
Mrs Sheila Walker (30.10.2024)