School organisation

The school is split into four stages: the nursery, Early Years Foundation Stage (Reception), Key Stage 1 (infants) and Key Stage 2 (juniors).

The nursery is in a refurbished block next to the Key Stage 1 classrooms. It has its own separate playground, with a climbing frame, sandpit, tricycles and outdoor equipment to spark children’s imagination through play.

Children attending the nursery get a solid start to their formal education. Ofsted described teaching at the nursery as “consistently good and outstanding at times”. The report added: “The youngest children learn to work together cooperatively by sharing tasks and resources, attributes which stay with them as they get older.”

Nursery children are introduced to school life by taking part in special assemblies and watching school plays. Most of them move from the Nursery to the main school.

Early Years Foundation Stage/Reception
Our two Reception classes are in a purpose-built and extended bungalow, offering state-of-the-art facilities with a separate outdoor play and teaching area.
As in the nursery, Ofsted described teaching in Reception as “consistently good and outstanding at times”.

Key Stage 1 (Infants)
There are two Year 1 (six year olds) and two Year 2 (seven year olds) classes. Key Stage 1 classes have their own infant hall. Their playtime is at a different time to the juniors. At lunchtimes Year 1 play in the courtyard and Year 2 can go in to the large playground.

Key Stage 2 (Juniors)
We have a class structure in place to teach children in straight year groups, with two classes for year each year group as follows:
Two Year 3 classes (eight year olds)
Two Year 4 classes (nine year olds)
Two Year 5 classes (ten year olds)
Two Year 6 classes (11 year olds).

Key Stage 2 includes a block which is separate from the rest of the school and is used for the two Year 6 classes.