School Vision and Values

At North Primary School and Nursery we aim to create a learning community, which nurtures the academic, creative, moral and spiritual potential of all our children. We provide an exciting, stimulating and well-ordered environment where all children and adults can embark on a learning journey together. Relationships and routines are established that build trust, confidence and self-esteem. Individuality and difference are recognised and celebrated and guaranteed by developing an understanding in all children of every person’s responsibility in safeguarding everyone’s rights.

This is how we give every child the opportunity to become confident, inquisitive and active learners, whatever their strengths and weaknesses. Children who are willing to take increasing responsibility for themselves and their learning. We relish the challenge of matching our teaching to the learning styles of all the children. We aim to provide a curriculum full of opportunities to extend skills and knowledge, enabling the children to apply what has been learned in a variety of contexts.

We want every child to develop an awareness of their role in the school and local community. By celebrating the contribution they make now, we prepare the children for playing their part in shaping the wider community in the future.

“The school’s values are lived out by pupils on a daily basis.” Ofsted.

“Staff continue to provide a warm and positive ethos. This promotes a strong sense of community across the school and makes pupils feel that they belong.” Ofsted.

We are committed to promoting equality for all pupils, staff, parents and carers participating in and receiving services from the school, irrespective of their ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, faith or religion, socio-economic background or any other of the protected characteristics (Single Equalities Act 2010). We aim to develop a culture of inclusion and diversity in which all those connected to the school feel valued, safe and of equal worth and are able to participate fully in school life. Please see our Equalities Policy and Equalities and Accessibility Action Plan for more information.