How you can support our campaign

Generating enough income to meet our target amount of £40 000 per year is ambitious but achievable if we all work hard. The NSA will continue to work tirelessly to raise money and provide a range of good social events. The school will manage its finances carefully and access any funding streams that will give us grants to boost our bank balance. We will be asking parents to speak to their employers, families and neighbours who have business links to join our campaign.  Classes will be involved in business projects too where  they will be developing their own entrepreneurial skills. Free For All is not about giving the children something for nothing, it is about them learning important life skills: that with teamwork, imagination, creativity and good old fashioned hard work amazing things are possible which will lead to a great sense of fulfilment and achievement…. And an education full of rich and diverse experiences that will last in their minds forever.

We welcome all ideas to help us promote the campaign and find ways of generating income. If you would like to get involved please contact the school on